In closing, the first step that anyone takes in walking in newness of life is a step of learning how to think about God in the right way. Today, we have begun to do this. We have considered the truth that God is holy (set-apart) in His moral perfections; His self-existence, His sovereignty, and in all of His other manifold perfect features. We have learned that God’s holiness makes Him glorious; deserving of our praise, adoration, and esteem. We have also learned that God created people with the intent that they would bring glory to Him. We have learned that God has provided us (humans) with everything that is needful for recognizing the glory of God in all of His many perfections, and thus, appropriately responding to Him in worship. We have also learned that by walking in the conscious, worshipful reality of God, He will begin to change us- by His own sovereign power and prerogative, and for His glory. We learned that Christianity is about divine transformation, not self-imposed acts of self-reformation.

So, if you want your life to change and you want to start walking in newness of life; all you have to do is meditate on who God is and think about the perfect moral nature of God (think about His holiness). Spend time thinking about what it means that God is eternal, having no beginning and no end. Ask yourself, “What does it mean that God is ‘the LORD’ and ‘there is no other God’?” (Isaiah 45:5). Think about the fact that God is unrestricted and unlimited in His authority, dominion, and power ( Consider what it means that God is holy, that God is perfectly good, that God is glorious and that God created you with the unique abilities and capacities necessary for knowing God, loving God, worshiping God, and glorifying God. If you want to start walking in newness of life, remind yourself that even in this very moment, as you read these words, in heaven there are great and awesome- terrifyingly beautiful and powerful creatures crying out, day and night, one to another, “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!




Day 1

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