The Reformation Polka

Fridays are for fun, right? The Reformation Polka is 3 minutes and 53 seconds of both educational and edifying fun! Watch the cartoon Dr. Martin Luther sing the essentials of his part in the reformation to a nifty polka tune. I put this catchy little ditty on in the kitchen and, within seconds, my five kids were all with me, drawn in by the fascinating- Polka dancing Luther! If you have 4 minutes to spare, you need a smile, or you happen to be looking for a very interesting medium for communicating the essentials of Luther, and his part in the reformation- check it out! Huge thumbs up going out to the (presumably) reformed brothers and sisters: Robert Gebel (the lyricist), Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman (the musical talent), Chris Gehrz (starring as the voice of Dr. Luther),  Shelley Propp (on piano), C.A. Gehrz Ph.D. (the musical editor), and everyone else that had a part in making this high quality and theologically stimulating musical composition!

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