Destroying the Idolatry of Immodesty in Our Own Lives

Proverbs 11:22 says, “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.” It is from the plat-form of this verse that I share the following small compilation of web-based resources that can be helpful in destroying the practice of the idolatry of immodesty in our own lives.

More than any other modern theologian, I trust Dr. John Piper’s counsel, wisdom, and teaching, so it is only natural that I start with him. Here is a good article on the issue of Biblical modesty. Published in its written format November 19, 2007, this article is a good and appropriate word to help us think about this issue of Biblical modesty, and unbiblical immodesty in a God-honoring, Christ exalting way: Is Modesty an Issue in the Church Today?

Not to over do it on referencing Dr. Piper, but here is a link to a more recent Pod Cast from May 15, 2014.  Entitled Bikinis and Modesty this podcast addresses the heart of the issue of modesty; that is, it addresses how our modesty must be an outworking of our love for and understanding of God. I post this Ask Pastor John audio link because I think it is important to understand that Christian modesty must be a result of good theology. If it is not, it is just legalistic, self-righteous pharisaism, which God hates. And, based on the Lord’s interaction with the pharisees of His own earthly ministry, I  am pretty sure that He hates the attitude of pharisaism, at least as much, as He hates the immodesty of our American culture seeping into His church.Listen to Bikinis and Modesty

The following is a link to Nancy Lee Demoss’s web sight Revive our Hearts. Here you will find multiple helpful resources on the topic of modesty. I love that Nancy Lee Demoss tells it like it is, and also, tells it like it should be. If you want to hear a word spoken in truth and in love to women- for women- from another woman, check this out. The summary paragraph for the web page that this link connects to reads:

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” is a familiar phrase to women these days. The world has some confused ideas about what it means to be a beautiful woman. As Christian women, our goal is to think, act, and dress to please God and to reflect His glory. We hope that these resources will help you understand that God’s first concern is not about your clothing, but about your relationship with Him. Read on to discover the beautiful sketch that the Master Designer had in mind when He made you.”

Good stuff, right? Here is the link to the Revive Our Hearts library page on Modesty:

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