“When I Survey The Wondrous Cross” to the tune of “No Woman, No Cry”

I was praying about some music to post, and the Lord brought the hymn When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Words: Isaac Watts, 1707) to mind. This hymn has been loved by believers for over 300 years, and Charles Wesley author to some 8,889 hymns, liked this hymn so much that he supposedly said that he would give up all the hymns that he had ever writ­ten to have penned this one.  Wow. Anyways, I found this great version of Brother Isaac Watts’ powerful hymn. It has an unusual tune, though; it is sung to the tune of No Woman- No Cry, which was released by Bob Marley (reggae singer-songwriter) in his 1974 Natty Dread Album. The song itself is about a guy entreating a woman not to cry over the difficulty and hardship of growing up in the ghetto. What is kind of interesting to me about the song is that there was a demo version of it (which was never released) done by a man by the name of  Peter Tosh, on a Gospel album in 1973. If you love the lyrics of the hymn and you ever got into Bob Marley (and, of course, all the cool kids did); than you will probably like this 4 min. and 1 sec. version of it. Lastly, this was arranged by David Rowe and posted by the thecornishhymnal. Thank you much, to both! 

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