Andrew Murray on Fruit Bearing

I have been reading through Andrew Murray’s classic devotional The True Vine, 31 meditations on John 15:1-16. I found the following passage to be very helpful in ordering my daily priorities- as it focused my attention on the reason for my earthly existence: fruit bearing.

If you are in a season of pruning, reading through John 15, or you just need an edifying word, this may bless you (as it did me). I have included a link to a site that provides Murray’s work The True Vine for a free down-load,  free audio reading, for reading on-line, or for sale. I have also included a you-tube link where several of the meditations are read to the listener (for those that would like to look at a cool picture of Brother Murray while they listen to it being read by an older saint). If you opt to listen to it through you-tube, the passage that I have included in this post is the second (maybe third) of the passages read.

Free Book:

You tube:

The passage:

Fruit.--This is the next great word we have: the Vine, the Husbandman,
   the branch, the fruit. What has our Lord to say to us of fruit? Simply
   this--that fruit is the one thing the branch is for, and that if it
   bear not fruit, the husbandman takes it away. The vine is the glory of
   the husbandman; the branch is the glory of the vine; the fruit is the
   glory of the branch; if the branch bring not forth fruit, there is no
   glory or worth in it; it is an offense and a hindrance; the husbandman
   takes it away. The one reason for the existence of a branch, the one
   mark of being a true branch of the heavenly Vine, the one condition of
   being allowed by the divine Husbandman to share the life the Vine
   is--bearing fruit.
And what is fruit? Something that the branch bears, not for itself, but
   for its owner; something that is to be gathered, and taken away. The
   branch does indeed receive it from the vine sap for its own life, by
   which it grows thicker and stronger. But this supply for its own
   maintenance is entirely subordinate to its fulfillment of the purpose
   of its existence--bearing fruit. It is because Christians do not
   understand or accept of this truth, that they so fail in their efforts
   and prayers to live the branch life. They often desire it very
   earnestly; they read and meditate and pray, and yet they fail, they
   wonder why? The reason is very simple: they do not know that
   fruit-bearing is the one thing they have been saved for. Just as
   entirely as Christ became the true Vine with the one object, you have
   been made a branch too, with the one object of bearing fruit for the
   salvation of men. The Vine and the branch are equally under the
   unchangeable law of fruit-bearing as the one reason of their being.
   Christ and the believer, the heavenly Vine and the branch, have equally
   their place in the world exclusively for one purpose, to carry God's
   saving love to men. Hence the solemn word: Every branch that beareth
   not fruit, He taketh it away.

Let us specially beware of one great mistake. Many Christians think
   their own salvation is the first thing; their temporal life and
   prosperity, with the care of their family, the second; and what of time
   and interest is left may be devoted to fruit-bearing, to the saving of
   men. No wonder that in most cases very little time or interest can be
   found. No, Christian, the one object with which you have been made a
   member of Christ's Body is that the Head may have you to carry out His
   saving work. The one object God had in making you a branch is that
   Christ may through you bring life to men. Your personal salvation, your
   business and care for your family, are entirely subordinate to this.
   Your first aim in life, your first aim every day, should be to know how
   Christ desires to carry out His purpose in you.

   Let us begin to think as God thinks. Let us accept Christ's teaching
   and respond to it. The one object of my being a branch, the one mark of
   my being a true branch, the one condition of my abiding and growing
   strong, is that I bear the fruit of the heavenly Vine for dying men to
   eat and live. And the one thing of which I can have the most perfect
   assurance is that, with Christ as my Vine, and the Father as my
   Husbandman, I can indeed be a fruitful branch.

   Our Father, Thou comest seeking fruit. Teach us, we pray Thee, to
   realize how truly this is the one object of our existence, and of our
   union to Christ. Make it the one desire of our hearts to be branches,
   so filled with the Spirit of the Vine, as to bring forth fruit



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