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Still mentally camped out on the John 15:1-16 passage- I am like totally being pruned by the Vine-Dresser- lately. You know how it goes: a little snip here (mortification of my sin), a little water there (lots of prayerful tears), a little fertilizer for the soul (dealing with lots of difficult people), some sunshine (you know- the good times- the joy that cometh in the morning); and then the Lord, like, totally added “miracle grow” to my soul when He providentially worked the details of my life out so that I could hear this great sermon.

This message just blessed me… because it totally rocks- there is no better way for me to explain. If you have an hour and 11 minutes of laundry, dishes, or other mindless work to do- this message will turn your mundane chores into an everlasting blessing. Highly recommended listening for all elect.

Glorifying God by Bearing Fruit in Union with Christ: Dr. John Piper