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Dr. Jason Meyer just preached this sermon on August 16th. After listening to it, I thought I have to post this sermon to this blog. It just seems to encompass so many of the ideals of Boasting in Weakness. For example, in this sermon he addresses experiencing providentially ordained afflictions, receiving the comforting (strengthening) grace of God, and, in so doing, bringing glory to God through our weaknesses and our trials. Furthermore, Pastor Meyer totally gets the whole appropriating the cross of Christ for life concept. He makes the point that the Apostle Paul intentionally communicates a paradigm for the Christian life in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (which is the defining principle in my understanding of the Christian life; and therefore, it is my personal paradigm for life).

This sermon is a great word, totally edifying, totally the perfect message for someone struggling under the heavy weight of afflictions and in need of  an encouraging word from the Lord.