Personal Red-Sea Experiences?

The cross is the  place where our weaknesses and God’s sovereignty make sense.  When we bring our weaknesses, brokenness, and messed up pasts to the cross of Christ, we can start to grasp the weight of the truth that Jesus, of His own volition, identified Himself with our frailty through the incarnation, and then willfully identified Himself with our brokenness on the cross, so that by sovereign grace, we can identify with Him in His powerful resurrection life. It is at the cross of Christ that we begin to understand that Christ is not the indifferent Sovereign Bystander that some assume Him to be. But that our Lord is the voluntary Sovereign Substitute, who has voluntarily identified Himself with our weaknesses through His cross. And it is at the cross that we learn that the Lord overcomes all of our pain, because it is the cross that leads us to experience the resurrection.

We find at the cross that the Lord is not at all the Silent Witness to our brokenness, neediness, and weaknesses, but that He is, in fact,  the Silent Lamb, who has been slaughtered for them, and that He is the Sovereign Lord who even now, by the power of an indestructible life, rules over them.  When we begin to understand the cross-work of Christ, we can begin to understand in a very personal way the massive and life-changing reality of the sovereign power and deep love that God has for each of His children. For, the cross is not the end of experiencing the redemptive power of God, but it is actually the means to the experiencing the resurrection power of God.  At the cross we  begin to really appropriate the awesome truth that God is most certainly and most emphatically sovereign over all things in life – working them all to the end for our good and His glory (Romans 1:4; 6:3,4; 2 Corinthians 13:4).

God has given each one of us our own personal Red Sea Experience – some life changing providence intended by God to lead us to a desperate need of experiencing the awesome power of God in resurrection. These events, as painful as they may be, are all part of God’s perfect sovereign ordering of our lives. Our personal Red Sea Experiences are the practical outworking of the sovereign grace of God in our lives. Each one ordained to the end that we would turn to Christ in saving faith; experience the powerful redemption of the cross, and know the depth of the love of God and the power of His sovereignty more intimately through our union with Christ. So embrace the cross and experience the sovereign power of God in resurrection.

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