Confession: In Keeping with Repentance

“Bear fruits in keeping with repentance.” John the Baptist,  Luke 3:8

One fruit that is in keeping with repentance is confession of our sin. Confession consists of giving full consent to, being in out-and-out agreement with, admitting wrongdoing, or an acknowledgement of debts owed. That is, confession is the verbal expression of our agreement with God that He is correct (He is right) about the matter of our sin. In practical terms, this includes fully agreeing with God that our wrong attitudes, self-consumed motives, ungodly actions, destructive addictions, and immoral relationships are sinful. Confession also includes acknowledging that the sin-debt that we owe to God is beyond our ability to pay back. In short, confession is how we say, “Lord, You are right. I am walking on the wrong path. I am going in the wrong direction with my life. If You do not save me, I cannot be saved. Please, Lord, turn me around so that I am going in the right direction on the path that leads to life.”


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