Read Your Bible and Pray Every Day!

Each year my husband chooses a Bible reading plan for my family. He prayerfully reviews different plans with our five children in mind and me- seeking to find the right pathway to take on our yearly walk through the Scriptures. On New Year’s Eve, he introduces the plan to our kids, and on the following day, we all start our annual track through the Word of God on the same page, but in different Bibles.

Having a unified reading plan for the whole family has been a blessing. We have seen our children’s love for God, faith in His Word, and general spiritual health grow as they have gotten into the Word consistently themselves. Its also been a great help in shepherding our family. We read a specific portion of the daily reading together at dinner, and we talk about it. It’s been a blessing to have all read the same passages of Scripture earlier in the day, and then come together at night and share how the Lord used it differently in our individual lives and walks.

This year my husband and I were praying about using a plan emphasizing the different Biblical genres. We wanted a program that would meet all of the children’s different needs and also work well for their different reading levels. We couldn’t find just the right one, so my husband put one together that I think will be just right. It is three chapters a day during the typical school year- four chapters a day, June, July, and August, and it is divided by literary genre (Pentateuch, Wisdom literature, Historical, Prophets, Gospels, Epistles, etc. etc. ).

Here is a link to Bible Gateway reading plans. They have several great reading programs (some that we have used in years past). The best thing about these plans is that you can have the daily reading emailed to you. Younger children can even follow along while listening to an audio recording of the daily reading.

2015 Reading Plan for the Whole Family

Reading Plans: Bible Gateway

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