An Updated 20th Anniversary Picture Journey For My Husband

Happy 20th Dan!! I put this little picture journey together for you… complete with our wedding song!

First, our roots…

Your Mom and Dad on their wedding day, my Mom and Dad honey-mooning in Nova Scotia…


Not too many years later for either of them, little Danny and little Beth come along (preschool pictures).


In time we would meet- I was 19 and you were 27….IMG_2451

IMG_2421   I fell in love you, watching you share the Gospel on the streets of Boston. You were so bold- and steadfast in your faith. You still are. Ten days before we were engaged we went to a missions conference at FBC and recognized God’s ownership of our lives- HiIMG_2419s will: whatever, whenever, wherever.

Four months later we were married.



I remember our pastor saying that I was one of the happiest brides that he had ever seen. I was filled with joy overflowing that day.

Today, I have even more joy, having shared these short 20  years with you.

IMG_2431After the wedding it, it was off to Sainte Foi (Holy Faith), Canada.

















Three years later, the Lord started blessing us with children… …from one baby to five babies in less than fivIMG_2430e years.

We have really been blessed.




We have had  superheroes and princesses…


Cowboys and movie stars…



Little shoppers, little shavers, and little nappers…



What grace is ours; thank you King Jesus.


Happy Anniversary Dan. I love you. I always will. b.

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