Rock-Solid Unshakable Peace?

“Resting in God’s sovereignty gives us peace because it helps us to accept the things we can’t control.” 

In the following message, Pastor Brandon Brown asks, “Does Scripture give us anything to alleviate or take away our fears? Is there a Scriptural doctrine that can give us rock-solid unshakable peace and calm to get through any and all circumstances?” He answers those questions with a resounding yes! He then explains the Scriptural doctrine of the sovereignty of God and helps the listening believer understand how this doctrine gives us peace in even the worst of times.

The Coronavirus and the ensuing economic crisis have left many of us fearful, anxious, and feeling depressed. What we need at this time is a word of peace. Really, what we all need at this time is a right understanding of the sovereignty of God. In this sermon, Brandon rightly says, “Resting in God’s sovereignty gives us peace because it helps us to accept the things we can’t control.” 

Yesterday, as I pulled into the hospital parking lot to have two of my children tested for the virus, I was glad that I had heard this message on Sunday. I was thankful that in God’s providence, the very day before, I had been reminded of the astonishing truths that God is sovereign and that He loves me. 

I post this message here for anyone else that may need to experience the rock-solid unshakable peace that comes from knowing that God is in control.

Brandon Brown is currently the main preaching Pastor of Milford Bible Church, Milford, Pennsylvania. Originally from Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Brandon served for eight years with the United States Army, where he traveled to and was stationed in many different states in the U.S, including Georgia, Texas, Virginia, and California. While serving in the military, he was also deployed to other countries around the world, including Germany, twice to Iraq, and, for about six months, the southern mountain region of Turkey. When Brandon finished serving his eight-year contract with the military, he attended Boyce College and Southern Seminary. After graduating, Brandon and his wife, Margie, moved to Milford, Pennsylvania, and began serving the Lord in full-time pastoral ministry.

Brandon enjoys cooking “gourmet” food, reading, writing, playing with his 130-pound Newfoundland Dog, and, most important of all, spending time with his lovely wife, Margie. After eight years of prayer, he and Margie are awaiting the birth of their first child. 

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