EXPOSED: The Lie That We Tell Our Girls

I watched the following Jordan Peterson video on Big Think. My guess is that most of my readers are not familiar with Jordan Peterson. Maybe I am wrong about that; I rather hope that I am wrong. Dr. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian-born professor of Psychology who has rocked the intellectual world of our day with his polemical (rational) thinking. Here is a link to his website so that inquiring minds can get to know him on his own turf, in his own words. I certainly could not do the man justice if I attempted to write a short bio here.

This is well worth the 3 minutes and 38 seconds it takes to watch. And, I highly recommend that every parent who has teenage daughters watch this and then check out his extended teachings on the subject of career vs. motherhood. Sometimes in the church, perhaps we are coming at this issue like reactionary vigilantes swinging from imaginary social pendulums. As if we were going to prove something to the world at the cost of our daughters’ emotional welfare. Some say their daughters shouldn’t go to college at all – they shouldn’t even have the chance to get an education. They claim the Bible says they don’t need one. Others say their daughters shouldn’t consider marriage, family, or even a serious relationship until they have established themselves with an education and a career. Something that could take a woman well into her thirties to do and certainly shackle her with financial obligations extending into her forties. As believers, we are not reactionary vigilantes – or at least we shouldn’t be.

Our society needs to rethink our relative evaluation of career versus motherhood. So we don’t know how to solve this problem, but we can at least have an intelligent discussion about it. And we can start by admitting that the idea that most 19-year-old women are fed, which is that their career will be the primary purpose of their life, is actually a lie.

Dr. Jordan Peterson

I have a great deal of respect for him. He is a man of courage and conviction, a man who has done his homework and can hold his own in any topic he sets out to discuss. What amazes me most is his incredible patience with some of the women who have interviewed him. Many of them seem to hate him with a deep and seething hatred for his insistence that some fundamental or essential aspects of our humanity are unique to our given sexuality. He has many polemical views that have raised a ruckus throughout the globe – but what amazes me is that he is pretty chill’ when dealing with these irate and embittered women. I can’t even finish watching the interviews; I get too fired up by the idiocy.

Anyhow, Dr. Peterson has impacted my entire family. My husband, all five of my children (adult & almost adult children), and I respect him greatly. I frequently listen to his lectures in the evening while doing household chores, or sometimes Dan and I will listen to a lecture together (mostly when our daughter sends us one via text and says, ‘you guys have to listen to this!’). For the twins’ 19th birthday, they asked to watch the documentary, The Rise of Jordan Peterson, about him as a family, as Peterson is a hero of sorts for both of them, reminding them of their dad. (After watching the documentary, I can totally see the similarities as well.) Several of my kids have read his book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos; I hope to read it when I have time. One of them also read the follow-up book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. Both were very encouraging and helpful to them.

Some of you all might not know him because Jordan Peterson is not a professing believer. However, my prayer is that he would someday come to know God and the Christ whom He has sent and thus have eternal life (John 17:3).

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