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Centered around the life-changing truth of Romans 6:1-4, Walking in Newness of Life was written specifically for women that have experienced the soul-deadening effects of abortion, abandonment, addiction, abuse, betrayal, divorce, neglect, and other emotionally traumatizing sins. Each daily reading progressively unfolds one aspect of the practical nature of the gospel; to the end that the believer can understand how to appropriate the healing grace-work of God through her identification with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. The book intentionally emphasizes the personal dimension of the sovereignty of God in the painful providences of life, and the power of the believer’s union with Christ to set her free from her sin-induced brokenness. Each daily reading will help the believing woman understand more clearly how she can appropriate the life of Christ by identifying with Him in His death and burial.

About the Author

Beth Hogan was raised in a non-Christian home. At eighteen years old, she enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. Before leaving for basic training, she was given a pocket New Testament that she carried with her and read throughout the early weeks of her training. One day, she read Romans 5:8: “…God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners; Christ died for us.” When she read this verse, she realized that Jesus Christ had died for her, and it was then that she came to the true knowledge of the atoning work of Christ on her behalf. After basic and technical training, she went home, found a solid Bible believing church, met her husband, got married, and began having a family. In her own words, her “…personal paradigm for life is identification with the Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection from the dead.” And, her “…mental process for dealing with life centers on the cross of Christ.” To her, “the Christian is by definition a parable of Christ and her life, an analogy of the glory of God expressed in the power of the cross.”

Beth has been blessed with an amazing husband who has been “faithfully shepherding” her soul since 1996. She describes her husband as “…a man of God that has a history of loving, serving, and obeying Jesus Christ with everything in him.”  In one place, she further describes him as having a “…long obedience in the same direction sort of love for Jesus.”

Called to be co-heirs in Christ, and walk in newness of life together for the glory of God, Dan and his wife, Beth, have been blessed with five children. They consider their five home-schooled children to be the joy and crown of their lives (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20). In acknowledged dependence upon the Spirit of Jesus Christ, Beth Hogan endeavors to display the surpassing worth of her Lord and the Gospel of His salvation to her husband, children, and the world around her. Living in joy-filled submission to God and His Word, she seeks to affirm, receive, and nurture the strength of her husband; as well as assist him in his call to lead their family for the Glory of God. She serves the wider body of believers in whatever God-ordained ways are appropriate in each season of her life.

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